I was asked by the local Java User Group to give a talk about Eclipse RAP, which is today.
Slides are available on speakerdeck in case you missed the talk or were unable to attend for any other reason (including not knowing that there is such thing as a Java User Group :-)).

Posted by Fabian on October 5th, 2009

Thanks to Google Books you now can read parts of the book online to get a feeling for it: Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform at Google Books. I am not against Google Books, cause I think information should be free. But if you would like to honor my work, just go ahead and grab a copy, it is affordable :-).

Posted by Fabian on September 22nd, 2009

Book published!


Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform - RAP
A great framework and alternative to GWT and Wicket, allowing not only to develop for the Web in pure Java but also recycle Rich Client Platform applications.

Here is the cover of my book, available from local bookstore.
Table of contents includes:

  • Rich Clients vs. Web Clients
  • Introducing Eclipse RAP
  • The RAP Architecture
  • Developing a RAP Application
  • Single Sourcing
  • Advanced RAP Features
  • RAP Deployment

Want to buy? The book is also available on Amazon.
Or available as PDF download from Apress firstpress

Posted by Fabian on December 1st, 2008